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2000.0007.0007 A-R
Human History
Uniform; Nurses, Royal Columbian
Object Name
Uniform, Nurse
Cotton Wool Metal Plastic
Royal Columbian Nurse's Uniform a) uniform dress, white long sleeved (size 36). 1 pocket at front left chest, two pockets at hip level. "166" marked on inside neckline at back in black. b) uniform dress, white short sleeved, cotton, (size 36) with collar. 2 hip pockets on either side of the dress. Folded cuff on the sleeves. 2" wide belt at waist strung through belt loops. On tag on inner collar "Bowman's Uniforms/Vancouver-BC" c) apron or skirt, white cotton apron - skirt portion only. "166" marked in black ink at the edge of skirt. d) uniform cap, white cotton; partially folded. "166" marked in black ink (ink has smudged) e) Uniform cap, white cotton; partially folded. "166" marked in black ink. f) bib, white cotton ; "166" marked in black ink on inside front part of the bib. g-h) cuffs, made of white cotton, one pair of plastic coated,. One button hole at the center of each end. "Tooke - Made in England" on inside of cuffs. i) Button container, cardboard tube containing 54 assorted buttons (5 main types - 31 plastic studs (pearl like), 4 yellow plastic studs, 5 white plastic beads, 6 white plastic cuff links, 8 white plastic cuff links). j) Pin; beige coloured plastic pin "K. Murphy" in black block letters. k) pin, Red Cross Pin; 2 piece brass "RCH" Pin. A brass cross with a red metallic herring bone front, Rear piece is a thin pin pievce made of brass. l) ribbon, black velvert worn on the cap. in a small yellow paper envelope. m) cap, nurses, white with black band. Hair comb (with 4 prongs) attached to the inside of the cap. "K. Moore phone 731-8878" hand printed in blue ink on the front inside of the cap. n) Collar; white cotton, startched collar. o) Collar; white cotton, startched collar. p) Belt; white cotton, for short sleeved dress. q) Cape; navy blue, wool, RCH Cape with red wool lining. Mandarin style collar. RCH embroidered at both ends of the collar. The collar has black metal clasps sewn onto each end of the collar. "K. Murphy" embroidered in script onto a cloth label into the interior of the cape. r) Collar; white cotton, startched collar. Kathleen Moore (nee Murphy) trained to be a registered nurse at the Royal Columbian Hospital from 1956-59 when she was 19 years old, in class 59A. She later worked as a registered nurse in Vancouver.
Moore, Kathleen
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